Student Report Letter

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Dear Parents,

You will be receiving your child’s report in the last week of Term 2. All schools will be reporting against the Victorian Curriculum F-10 achievement standards.
Throughout the year, as is the case with physical and social growth, there is variation with children’s learning growth. Some children will zoom ahead and make considerable progress and at other times, it will be less noticeable or it almost comes to a standstill. While for others it will be small steady progress.  There are a number of factors that may contribute to your child’s report showing no growth in 1 or more areas over a six month period including;

  • the subject area not being covered in the first semester
  • showing small growth in the learning area but not enough to move across 6 months

In saying this however, it is our belief that all children can and should make at least one year’s progress from one year to the next. Thus the growth may be obvious in the June report or it may show later in the year, but we are continually monitoring and recording. If your child is not progressing as we would like, the classroom teacher will contact you to discuss learning plans moving forward.
All student growth will be discussed in Week 3 at your child’s data conference.
If after reading your child’s report, you have some questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact your child’s teacher or myself.

Leanne Sheean

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