Welcome back to school. We hope that everyone had a relaxing and enjoyable break and have come back to school ready to learn.

Can you believe we are in the final term of 2018…. Nooooo! We have so much to look forward to this term, I know the teachers are very excited for everything that is planned.

This week your child will be involved in:


This fortnight in reading we are beginning to learn about a wide range of thinking routines, designed to help students organise their thinking. Specifically, we are looking at the ‘See, Think, Wonder’, ‘3, 2, 1 Bridge’ and ‘Step Inside’ thinking routines.

We are also revising our understanding of nouns, verbs and adjectives, whilst developing our knowledge on adverbs.


Students are finishing off our unit on persuasive texts. They are beginning to master the use of sequencing words, identifying convincing arguments and stating their position or point of view on topics. We are continuing to develop students use of a wide range of persuasive devices that include begging, being dramatic or using sympathy to convince their audience.


Last term we finished our unit on 3D shapes but were lucky enough to use the recently bought geometric shape sets (see picture below). Thanks Leanne, Merriel and Mandy for getting these, the kids loved them!

In maths we have been and continue to learn about location. This entails learning the language of direction (forwards, backwards, left, up etc..) and being able to use this to navigate through maps or grid references.


Having looked at olden days toys in Term 3 (they were the toys many of the teachers used to play with as kids!) we are now looking at modern toys. Stay tuned for some exciting developments regarding more modern toys and for information regarding a student project to bring out the creative skills of our wonderful Year 1’s.