Student of the Week

  • Prep
  • Year 4

No Year 3 as they were at the Zoo this week

1C Ivy Barnett - For applying a wide variety of strategies to her reading to help her decode tricky words.
4A Henry D’Angelo - For having a positive and happy attitude.
4A Jayden Mackay - For presenting well during our Shark Tank presentations.
4A Dane MacDonald - For being a kind and considerate class member.
4A Jack Holland - For being an active participator in class discussions.
1E Charlie Zigan - For his passion for reading and choosing good fit books.
1A Danil George - For your positive attitude and persistence to always achieve your personal best. It’s wonderful to see your confidence and skills grow!
1A Eliza Veale - For your happy, positive attitude and always being a kind friend to those around you! We are very lucky to have you in 1A!
2B Audrey Chan - For being a helpful and considerate classmate. We appreciate everything that you do!
4B Naomi Dique - For her commitment to her learning even with a broken arm! Well done!
PB Ebony Hall - For actively participating in class Number Talks.
4C Archie Peacock - For giving a highly engaging persuasive speech in the 'Shark Tank'
1B Scarlett Kopacz - For writing a wonderful persuasive piece inspired from the Pigeon series books called 'Don't let the Pigeon Eat the Cake'.
1B Cooper Wain - For his amazing improvement with his fluency when reading.
6A Jake Boyne - For his persistence towards maths tasks this week.
6A Finn Lewis - For his dedication and hard work when completing his inquiry projects.
5D Angie Redrup - For being such a wonderful person and settling in so well to our school. You show such fantastic tribes values. Well done!
5A Toby Simon - For working hard to build a creative car for his re-invention project.
6B Matt Bridgeman - For his outstanding narrative and poetry writing.
5B Scarlett Laver - For being creative with her polygon tessellation pattern.
6B Lily Von Tunk - For reflecting on her progress so far this year and setting excellent goals for Term 4.