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Welcome to Monty South. My name is Clare Bear and I am the li-BEAR-ian at Monty South. I’m so excited, as are the Prep Teachers to help foster a love of reading with your children.  In Prep (Foundation) at Monty South, the children have weekly library classes. I will be taking Prep D and Prep A, B and C will be taken by the classroom teacher. The Prep’s borrow three picture story books to start with. One picture book can go home but MUST be in a library bag to do so. The other two picture books stay in the children’s book box to do their Daily 5 programme. The Prep’s have four weeks to borrow a book but we would encourage them to bring their book back each week to change over.
I have allowed four weeks as this covers them over the school holidays so when they come back their book won’t be overdue. At Monty South we have a rule if a book is overdue, the students CANNOT borrow until the book is returned. This is a great way to teach our students about responsibility and resilience. Once your child’s teacher feels that your child is ready for a very simple chapter book, they will be allowed to borrow one chapter and two picture story books.
Please refer to the below timetable for when your child has library and what day the books are to be returned by.
Prep A – Thursday
Prep B – Thursday
Prep C – Thursday
Prep D – Tuesday

The teachers and myself have been going over the library rules with your child including how we take care of books. Can I please ask that the children DO NOT eat or drink whilst reading and that they are kept away from little brothers and sisters so we can keep our books looking beautiful. We can’t wait to go on a fantastic journey with your children reading lots of wonderful and funny stories and hopefully teaching them that reading books is a wonderful thing to do. Please feel free if you have any library questions to come and visit me in the library office, (my bear cave) next to the library or see your child’s teacher.

Kind regards,
Clare Bear and the Prep team

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