Our principal

Welcome to Montmorency South Primary School. My name is Leanne Sheean and I have been the Principal of Monty South since 2008.

During the past 10 years I have witnessed many changes. The school population has grown from 250 to our current population of 657.

The development of our Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden program has been one of the highlights. The program not only provides the students with authentic learning opportunities but it also allows for a higher level of engagement for our parents and the wider school community.

We have also developed a Reconciliation Action Plan which has resulted in our students being involved in Raising the Flag ceremonies during Reconciliation Week, our annual whole school Country and Culture Day and our Prep students participating in a smoking ceremony as part of our Welcome to Country.

In 2017 we were identified as an Influencing School due to our academic achievements. As a school we have not only celebrated successes through our academic accomplishments but also in the sporting arena.

Despite all of these changes our school community has continued to maintain its sense of connectedness, friendliness and openness. I am very appreciative for the wonderful support that our parents provide. The number of parents who willingly assist this school is phenomenal. We have many parents who work on School Council and school council subcommittees such as the Finance Committee, the Parents and Friends, Education, Environment and Facilities, Year 6 Graduation, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day stalls, banking, swimming, selling icy-poles, school camps, driving students to sports, chess and music events,  excursions and as classroom helpers. All of our combined efforts make this the fantastic school that it is, and which gives it such a great sense of community.

2018 promises to be an exciting year for the Montmorency South School community. We have spent first term organising the relocation of several classes and classrooms in anticipation of the start of the building program which will result in us having a new school completed in late 2019. The manner in which the students and staff have approached the necessary changes augurs well for the rest of the year. Our strong school community will ensure that Montmorency South Primary School maintains its reputation for offering high standards of excellence in education based on a caring and individual approach. Our vision ‘Together we learn, lead and achieve’ is at the very basis of all our programs and organisation.

I feel a sense of pride in being the leader of Montmorency South Primary School. School tours are conducted by appointment and we would be very happy to showcase our school at work to you and your family, offering you an opportunity to see first-hand what we have to offer. We encourage parents to contact the school at any time to discuss areas of concern or interest. It is important that any association you have with MSPS is a happy and rewarding one for both you and your family.

Leanne Sheean