Montmorency South Primary School offers prospective prep students the opportunity to participate in our Bridges to School program during Term 3 and 4. We also hold four formal transition sessions at the end of the school year.

During the Bridges program, children attend school one afternoon a week. In the sessions, the children will become familiar with the school environment – meeting teachers and hearing familiar sounds such as the school bells. They will participate in activities which allow them to interact with their new peers. During the formal transition sessions, children will have the chance to get to know classroom and specialist teachers. There will also be time when they get introduced to their cross-age buddy.

Parents are also offered opportunities to familiarise themselves with the school and other parents during this time. We also conduct a parent information session after the children have completed their visits to the school.

Limited Tours are available during Term 1 for the Prep 2020 school year. 

Prep 2020 Information Night will be held Wednesday 8th May in the evening – Time to be confirmed

If you are interested in enrolling at Montmorency South Primary School please contact the school office on 9439 6201. 

Click here to see map of school area – 2018 Designated Neighbourhood Boundary

Click here to download enrolment form – Student_Enrolment_Form_Feb_2018