Newsletter No 3 – Term 1 Week 7 2019

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Newsletter No.3
Term 1 Week 7 2019
 From the Principal’s Desk
Together we learn, lead and achieve.   
Dear Monty South Community       
Invitation to the Monty South School Council AGM
On Tuesday 2 April at 7.15pm, we will be holding the Annual General Meeting to report on the 2018 school year.
This is an open school council meeting and we are always keen to have parents attend and join us for drinks and nibbles while we hear from students, teachers and the school leadership group. 
The purpose of our school council AGM is not to elect office-bearing positions, as that has already been done, but to hear how our school is progressing against the standards the department reports against for primary schools.  
The agenda on the night will be:
Call to order

  • Recording of community members present
  • Welcome and introductions
  • Approval of previous year’s minutes and AGM
  • Annual Report
  • Staff presentation of Professional Learning Community work within school and North East Metropolitan area
  • Student presentation from Year 3 and Year 5 regarding their Maths Talent Quest investigation on furnishing the new building
  • Principal report on the school activities and the new school build
  • Treasurer’s report – a basic financial report on the income and expenditures of the school during the past year
  • Questions and/or business arising from the meeting
  • Close and refreshments.

We hope you can join us.
Parents and Friends – class representatives
Both our Parents and Friends group and School Council have been thinking about our school community and how we can engage the community more than we currently do. There are a number of new initiatives but one of the most pressing will be the reintroduction of the Parent class representatives. MSPS has always encouraged the active involvement of parents within the school. The classroom helper program, working bees, fundraising and school events coordination have always been part of our school community. We used to have a parent representative system but is has fallen away in recent years. This year we want to reintroduce it. 
The purpose of a class representative is to act as a single point of communication between teachers, parents and the Parents and Friends group. It can also assist in making connections between parents of the class in setting up play dates and getting together on the holidays and weekends.
What does being a parent class representative involve?

  • Maintaining and distributing a class contact list of those who provide permission
  • Encouraging and supporting parents of the class group to get involved in school activities
  • In the junior levels especially, organise at least one opportunity for the group to get to know each other outside of school (eg a picnic in the park on school holidays or a morning tea)
  • Welcoming new families to the class and encouraging their participation and inclusion in activities.

Your child’s teacher will send out a Compass note asking for someone to volunteer as a class representative and also asking for families who agree to have their email and or phone contacts distributed just within their child’s class.
It is important to note that the class representative does not involve dealing with the concerns of other parents. Any concerns they may have about their child, teachers or the school should be made directly by the parent to the teacher, Assistant Principal or Principal. 
Let’s enhance our children’s experience at MSPS. Please consider putting your name forward to be a representative for your child’s class. 
Easter Bonnet Parade
Our annual Easter Bonnet Parade will be held on the last day of the term at 10am. The parade is only for students in Years Prep to Year 2 and is organised by our School Captains and student leaders. Each class will take a turn to parade in the hall in front of the audience and will be judged according to the awards including: ‘Best Hat’ and ‘Most Colourful Design’.
At the end of the parade, the other year levels will join us and our Parents and Friends group for the Easter Raffle. 
The students will then return to their rooms for lunch. Please note hats are made at home not in class. We hope to also invite our Panorama Kindergarten friends.
Mutual respect and MSPS
During the many years I have been at MSPS, our students have been recognised far and wide for their impeccable behaviour. They are always respectful of their teachers and peers and aim to do their personal best.  
In recent times however, we have had cause for concern about the way some students are treating school property. Our cubby houses have been repaired many times and on some of our brand new portables, the paint has been peeled off deliberately. One of the cubby kitchens is so damaged it will have to be rebuilt. Some children have also been climbing on the cages protecting our utilities and they are now so bent, they will have to be replaced. These areas are not part of the new build.  
It seems nothing is sacred. Clare is also heartbroken that some of the beautiful hard cover books, just weeks old, have been so damaged they will have to be replaced. 
Staff members and myself are so disappointed, I had to break my rule about assemblies being a time of celebration and talk to the students about the way they are treating property and behaving in general. Below are some photos of some of the books, so that you will understand why we are disappointed and why we will be monitoring the situation very closely. I hope you can support us in our endeavours and remind your children how important it is to look after property that has been provided for you. 

Building update and playground
Construction work is ploughing ahead and we have a date for moving into the new building of 15 August. The portables at the end of the school (where Year 2 are currently located) will then be taken away by the Department, to make way for the new staff car park. In September, work will then begin on dismantling the old school building where the new artificial turf oval and basketball court will go.  
We are now looking at new furniture for the new classrooms. It is extremely exciting and hard to believe after all this time, we are so close!
The feedback from staff, students and parents is that assembly is not needed on a weekly basis. We actually surveyed the Year 6 students as we felt we shouldn’t make a decision without asking them first. Whilst the final count was close, fortnight assemblies won out. So please note there will be no assembly this Wednesday (20 March) but they will occur Wednesday week (27 March) and follow on a fortnightly basis from then.
Personal goods brought to school
Students and visitors often bring personal property to school. This includes mobile phones, electronic games, calculators, toys, sporting equipment and cars parked on premises. The Department does not have insurance for personal property brought to school and it has no capacity to pay for any loss or damage to such property. Therefore, parents are reminded to discourage children bringing valuable items to school.
 MSPS Achievers
Thumbs up to Oliver Plunkett-Zbaracki, James Green, Lachlan Brennan and Oliver Von Tunk who recently played in their Baseball Little League Minors Grand Final. According to reports, it was the most nerve wracking final! The team started off with a small lead and with five minutes to play, the opposition, Essendon, scored an equalising run putting the game into overtime. Unfortunately, despite the team playing so well in the bottom of the eight innings (longest little league game all season) Essendon scored the winning run and defeated the boys, four to three.
Oliver PZ pitched to James brilliantly and Lachlan played catcher for the second half. Oliver VT played a cracker in the field and at bat.
Whilst there was huge disappointment with the loss, their parents were so proud to see them encouraging and supporting their team mates. They moved their coach (and a lot of parents) to tears with their maturity and mateship. We are also very proud of them.
Congratulations also to Kit and Pip Hanson who participated in the World’s Greatest Shave fundraiser. They raised $343.15 (a lot of that at school). 
They organised it themselves – from the initial idea, to the publicity and of course the act.  We are very proud of these students who have thought of others and gone out of their way to help.  Wonderful work Kit and Pip!   

Leanne Sheean 


Whole school

Volunteers Wanted for Chicken Roster
The health and wellbeing of our chickens relies on the support of volunteers.
Holidays are fast approaching and our chickens need your help. You don’t need to know anything about chickens to look after them. It’s simple.
If your children already love the chickens then this is perfect.

It only takes five minutes a day to let them out in the morning, make sure they have food and water, then put them away again at night. And you get to keep any eggs you find!

We are looking for volunteers to cover the weekends and holidays.
If you would like to volunteer with the chickens we would love to hear from you.

We will provide you with all the information you need and if you have any questions feel free to contact me on the below number.

Contact:   Adam   0422 148 743 or sign up to the roster at the office
MSPS Parents and Friends update

Easter Raffle & Casual Dress Day Friday 22nd March

Parents & Friends would like to invite all Monty South students to join in our Casual Dress Day.  You may even like to wear something special to celebrate Easter.

Please bring a donation to add to the hampers for our wonderful annual Easter fundraising raffle on Friday 22nd March.  A donation box will be near the school office.

A book of 10 raffle tickets will be sent home per family.  Tickets are $1 each.  Please return completed raffle tickets no later than Monday 1st of April.  Further books of tickets are available from the school office.

Bunning Barbeque Sat 30th March – volunteers needed

MSPS P&F will be holding a fundraising barbeque and cake stall at Bunnings on Saturday the 30th of March and we need your help!   Please email or sign up on the roster at the office to offer an hour and a half of your time or bring a cake to the office on Friday 29th March.  You are also welcome to drop in a cake at Bunnings on Saturday 30th March from 8am-3:30pm.

This will be a great fundraiser to generate funds for a new school oval.

If you can help in any way or would like more info please call Larissa on 0430 922 004.
 ICY POLES – every FRIDAY in TERM 1 

Please remember that Icy Poles continue to be sold each Friday of Term 1 during afternoon break. Icy poles are 50c each. If you would like to help out, please come to the BER (gym) at 1.45-2.30pm.

Wed 20 Mar

  • Montmorency Secondary College visit for Yr 5-6 – 9:30am
  • No assembly – assemblies moving to a fortnightly basis
  • P&F Meeting – 7:30pm staffroom

Fri 22 Mar

  • P&F Casual dress day – Easter hamper donation

Tues 26 Mar

  • School Photos 

Wed 27 Mar

  • Assembly – 2:45pm

Sat 30 Mar

  • P&F Fundraising BBQ Bunnings

Tues 2 Apr

  • Oral health check – Prep-Yr 2
  • School Council meeting – 7:15pm

Thurs 4 Apr

  •  Chess Tournament Kangaroo Ground Primary School  9:30-2:30pm

Fri 5 Apr

  • Easter bonnet parade 10am  Prep – Yr 2
  • Last day of Term 1 – 2:30pm dismissal

Tues 23 Apr

  • First day of Term 2

Wed 24 April

  • MSPS Cross Country – Lower Eltham Park – Yr 3-6
  • P&F meeting 7:30pm – Staffroom

Thurs 25 Apr

  • Anzac Day – No School

Tues 30 Apr

  • Country & Culture day – more info to follow

Tues 7 May

  • School Council meeting – 7:15pm

Wed 8 May

  • District Cross Country – Eltham Lower Park TBC

Thurs 9 May

  • P&F Mother’s Day stall – during school

Wed 15 May

  • P&F meeting 7:30pm – Staffroom
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