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Summary – Election Day P&F book and bake sale, 2nd hand uniform sale, Maths for parents presentation invitation, UNSW test presentations, Christmas signing workshop

Election Day Parents and Friends book & bake sale 
Please join the MSPS P&F on Saturday 24th November for the Election Day book and bake sale around the BER building.  Have a look before or after you vote. 
We are still taking donations of books, DVDs or CDs in good, used condition.  We cannot sell pirated DVDs or CDs.  Please donate genuine copies only.  The collection box can be found at the school office. 
P&F 2nd hand uniform sale
Parents and Friends will be holding a 2nd hand uniform sale on Friday 23rd November at 8:30am on the front deck of the school.
Maths for Parents
We would like to extend an invitation to all parents to a Maths for Parents presentation given by Michael Ymer, a specialist mathematics consultant from Melbourne.  This evening is recommended to all parents as a very worthwhile session that will help you understand the focus of mathematics in schools today and offer strategies and ideas to help you support your child.  Please see attached flyer for more information.  We would like to get an indication of numbers to pass on.  If you would like to attend please sign up via Compass/Insights – Maths for Parents by Wed 21st November.
Maths for Parents
Tuesday November 27th 2018
Diamond Creek Primary School
**Please note: a crèche will be available on the night and MSPS staff will be on hand.
UNSW test presentations
The University of New South Wales Science, English and Math presentations will take place over assembly time for the remaining of the school year.  The schedule will be as follows:
Wed 14th  Nov – Science 4&6
Wed 21 Nov– Science 3&5
Wed 28 Nov– English 4&6
Wed 5 Dec– English 3&5
Wed 12 Dec– Math 3,4,5 &6

Christmas Singing Workshop – School Choir
On Monday December 3rd the ASPA Education will be visiting MSPS to run a Christmas singing workshop for our school choir.  They will be running this class free of charge during class time, 12:20-2:00pm.

12 Mon – Monday Bridges last session
13 Tue  – Tuesday Bridges last session
14 Wed – Assembly 2:45pm– UNSW Science results presented for Yr 4 &6
14-16    – Year 5 Camp to Anglesea
16 Fri    – Prep 2019 Transition Day 1 – 9:00am-11:30am
               (uniform shop open from 8:30am-12) 
19 Mon – Prep-Yr 2 swimming (45 min lesson) 
20 Tue  – Prep-Yr 2 swimming (45 min lesson) 
21 Wed – Year 2 Day camp to Camp Sunnystones
              – Assembly 2:45pm – UNSW Science results presented for Yr 3 & 5
              – P&F meeting – 7:30pm 
22 Thu   – Prep-Yr 2 swimming (45 min lesson) 
23 Fri     – P&F 2nd hand uniform sale 8:30am front deck
              – Prep 2019 Transition Day 2 – 9:00am-11:30am
                (uniform shop open from 8:30am-12)
24 Sat    – Election Day – P&F cake & book stall
Student of the Week – Attached
Assembly Nov 7th

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