NAPLAN schedule Year 3 and Year 5

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Dear Year 3 and 5 Parents,
Over the course of the next two weeks, Tuesday 14th May – Friday 24th May, the Year 3 and 5 students will be participating in NAPLAN. As the test will be undertaken online for the first time at MSPS, we have been able to spread the tests out over a longer period to allow for rest days and the continuation of their normal specialist sessions.

In the lead up to NAPLAN, the teachers have been stressing to the students that NAPLAN is only one test and all we expect is for them to try their personal best. We have ensured that the students are familiar with the new look online format and that they have experienced NAPLAN like questions so they feel comfortable when presented with them.

Attached is the schedule of when each test is occurring;
If you have any further queries or questions in regards to NAPLAN, please see your classroom teacher, or alternatively the NAPLAN co-ordinators Melanie Townson (Year 3) and Amy Duckworth (Year 5).
Melanie Townson and Amy Duckworth
Dear Year 3 and 5 Parents,
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