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From the Principal’s Desk
Together we learn, lead and achieve.

Dear Monty South Community,

I hope that everyone in our school community has enjoyed a great break and managed to share some quality time together in the beautiful spring weather. Many students (and staff) have returned from exciting holiday destinations, and it always appears to me that in the two weeks since I have seen the children, they have shot up and appear well and truly ready for the next year.
Term 4 is traditionally an action-packed term (although last term was one of the busiest we have ever had) and we look forward to the challenges that we will face in the coming weeks. Our children are well rested, the staff have planned and prepared a comprehensive learning program and the number of events, excursions and programs undertaken in Term 4 will keep us on our toes.

A reminder to all students that our sun smart policy requires that a sun smart hat is worn in the playground and when walking between areas.  Sun protection is a priority for all children and staff members. Please ensure hats are clearly named so they can be returned to the rightful owners.

Eureka – Found! 
Last Wednesday we received some great news from our builders–they have unearthed the time capsules that were buried in the school way back in 1985.  These capsules were supposedly buried in a place marked by a plaque.  However, no one currently attached to the school has ever seen the plaque. It turns out this was incorrect as the plaque was stolen soon after the capsules were buried in 1985.
Furthermore, the capsules were found 5 metres away from the place we (the school and builders) were shown as being the correct location. So no wonder we had difficulty in locating it.
All good now and I will hold on to them until School Council make a decision on what to do with them.   They were scheduled to be dug up in 2035, fifty years from the initial burial.
A huge thank you to the Johns Lyng Commercial Builders team, Joseph McKinnon, Roland Di Carlo and Brett Hughes and all the workers on site
For all the time and effort, they took to locate the capsules.  It was a fantastic effort and we are very grateful, particularly when they were not quite where we all thought they were buried.

Building update
Over the holidays, the builders started adding the structural steel to the building and coming back it was a great surprise to see how much had been done.   The whole structure appears huge so we are getting more and more excited as time goes on.  Looking at the building we can see the architect’s drawings taking shape. The next two weeks will be devoted to completing the structural steel work and then commencing on the roofing.

At this stage, bearing in mind that rain as we had last Tuesday can stop construction; we are talking about relocating to the new building around June 2019.  Once we shift in, the final stages of demolishing the remains of Block A, constructing our oval, landscaping the playground and construction of the staff carpark will commence.

Process for 2019 Class Placement
Opportunities to build relationships and the sense of belonging underpin the process of allocating students to classes.  I used to do it manually but for the last 4 years, we have used an electronic package that does most of the selections for us once we key in friend choices.  The whole process has been developed collaboratively with staff and is reviewed annually.  That is why we made some changes this year based on some of the issues parents raised last year. 
The process began last term when we sent home forms for the children to discuss their friend choices with their parents.  These forms are to be returned to school by Friday 19 October.

The next step is now to invite parents to write to me via email with any educational concerns or needs in regards to their child/ren’s class placement for 2019.  This must be sent to me by Friday 26th October and not to the class teacher.

Once we have this information, we set about entering information into the Class Creator program.  Students are guaranteed one friend but often they end up with more than one.  We also look at other factors such as gender balance, mix of students from previous classes and those students with differing needs.

Classes and teachers are announced before the Step Up to the next class sessions commence in December.

You will find this process very similar in all schools across the state and in fact perhaps with less parental input than we ask for.  We place a lot of effort into creating even and fair classes and so we appreciate your support on this matter.

Curriculum Information Night
In response to parent requests for more information regarding our school programs, we are inviting all our parents to an Open Night on Tuesday 16th October commencing at 4pm and finishing around 6.30pm.  The purpose being to enable our parents and families to witness a snapshot of the various programs across the school, especially our working parents who cannot attend the school during the day.   A great deal of work has been done by Mandy Redfern and Monique Rankin to organise the event and we are grateful to them and to the staff who are giving up their family time to attend and show case the school’s programs.  We hope you are able to join us on the night even if only for 30 minutes.  Flyers have been sent out to families with the sessions being run across the school, so there is something for everyone. 
We look forward to seeing you.

Pick My Project
Unfortunately, we were unsuccessful in gaining a grant for the oval from Pick my Project. 

Here is the link that will enable you to see who was successful.


MSPS had 321, which was a few votes short of the 339 we needed to have been successful.  Well done and congratulations to the Save the Sugar gliders and the other projects who were all worthy recipients.

Thank you so much Vanessa Edwards for all your hard work on the application.  Your time, effort and persistence are very much appreciated.

Staff News
Wishing Clare Iob, a speedy recovery.  During the holidays she fell over and broke her ankle and thus is on leave for a couple of weeks until she gets the green light to return to work.

And this from 4A who said goodbye to their teacher Dan Anderson last term.  Dan is currently overseas and Rachel Phillips and Hannah Pirrett have taken over the class. Dan will be back for the start of 2019. Some of you may remember Dan as one of the stars of Clare’s play for the Book Parade.  The boys honoured his performance at his goodbye.

MSPS Achievers
Congratulations to our Zadie Krantz (2D), Gabriel Tran (3A) and Ella Jones (6C) who scored highly in the Australian Mathematics Competition last term.  This competition run by Australian Mathematics Trust attracts competitors from all over Australia from the very best maths students in the land. So it is a very hard competition.
Zadie was awarded a Proficiency, Gabe a Distinction and Ella a credit. What a superb effort from the three of them against the very best in Australia.

Fantastic effort to Eliza Millet (4B)  who gained some excellent results at the State Titles for the Australian All-Star Cheer and Dance Federation during the holidays.  Eliza and her team ‘The Edge Performer’s School’  performed in the Under 13 Novice division and achieved a 1st for Hip-Hop, 2nd for Pom, 3rd for Jazz and 3rd for Lyrical.
Eliza and the rest of the team are now training for the Nationals, which are being held on the Gold Coast in November.  Good luck Eliza!

Well done to Ben Vandijk (2C), who swam in the recent North Metro Qualifying Meet coming away with 3 Silver Medals in 50 Free, Back and Fly, and a 5th in Breaststroke; beating his PB’s. The top 10 swimmers go into the Metropolitan Championships held in November at MSAC.
Ben trains with the DVE (Diamond Valley Eltham Swimming Club) who finished 8th overall in the State in 2018. The top 10 clubs in Victoria have been invited to swim at the Hancock Prospecting Australian Short Course Championships also held at MSAC on the 25th of October. There’s an exhibition relay swim before the meet, whereby, they have asked the top 10 clubs in Victoria to choose 9 swimmers from each age group (8-16).
Ben was selected to swim in the 8 year old level. Good luck Ben!  It will be an awesome experience for you.

What a star Maya Bennette (5C) who rode in the ‘Around the Bay’ event in the school holidays. Maya completed the 50km bike ride, raising $260 for the Smith Family charity.
She wants to thank everyone who donated to this very worthwhile charity in support of her ride.

Apologies to Will Bird whom I incorrectly reported as riding in this event.  He is in fact doing a different ride in November, which we will give feedback on then.

Sorry this is a bit late getting out to all.  I had a big week last week with the arrival of my first grandchild-‘Hazel Ann’.

New Newsletter System

With the launch of our new website which can be found at:

Our newsletter will now be split into three separate parts

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Website – All the Classroom clippings, Student of the Week, Parents & Friends and Advertisements can be found on the website and will be updated every 2 weeks.

Old newsletters can be found at www.montysouth.vic.edu/oldnews

Enjoy the week ahead.

Kind regards
Leanne Sheean
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