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Newsletter No.20
Term 4 Final, 2018
From the Principal’s Desk
Together we learn, lead and achieve.   
This is the final Principal report for 2018, which gives me a chance to reflect on the year that has been.
It is an understatement to say it has been a busy and challenging year. On occasions, I must admit as a leader of the school, I have questioned pushing for the rebuild. Especially on days like Friday when the water was lapping at the deck and flooding areas of the school. The once pristine setting of Monty South Primary has taken a battering this year and so has our community.
However, I am confident in 12 months, we won’t know ourselves and we will be thrilled to be in new premises and spacious grounds again. I want to acknowledge and thank you all for your patience this year. We are fortunate that many parents work with us to support the school and our students and contribute to our vibrant community.
I would also like to recognise and acknowledge the efforts of the staff, who work so hard day every day. The teachers, aides supporting teachers and students and education support staff in the office, looking after first aid and ICT – everyone has played an important role. Many unseen hours are spent working on and developing curriculum and activities to provide the best educational experiences possible for children at MSPS.
I would like to express my appreciation to all School Councillors for their support and advice throughout the 2018 school year. Thank you Adam Bird (President), Paul Munnings (Vice President), Vanessa Edwards (Treasurer), Amanda McDonald (Minute Secretary), Shayley Holland, Jane Plunkett, Carlyn Cordi, Nghiem Tran, Drew Salisbury, Jenny Vergers (Parents and Friends representative), Merriel Hayes, Mandy Redfern and Amy Duckworth. 
I would also like to thank Parents and Friends for their amazing hard work this year and their fundraising efforts. The fact they do it with such a small group of committed women is inspiring. We also have a dedicated band of parents who run our school banking program and others who help in classrooms, on excursions and in many other ways.
We are one big team.  I really believe the best way children achieve their potential and best outcomes is when parents and the school work together.
Finally, to the Executive Team, Merriel Hayes (Assistant Principal), Mandy Redfern (Leading Teacher), Monique Rankin (Learning Specialist) and Paula Hogan (Business Manager) – they have been wonderful in their consistent and unwavering support they give to myself and the staff this year. 
In 2019, we will again face a number of challenges. The completion of the building works will happen at some stage –  more likely towards the end of 2019. Until then, we will continue to run high quality programs. We have been recognised across the region as a high achieving school and identified as the only Professional Learning Community Link School in the North East metropolitan area. There are many things to be proud of in terms of what we have achieved together. Thank you to everyone in the MSPS community who has helped make this year a wonderful one.
Have a joyous festive season with your families and friends. Enjoy a safe and relaxing holiday and we look forward to seeing you all back in 2019!     
We have finalised the staffing structure for 2019. There are still two or three administration positions to go through the recruitment process but this will be finalised during January in time for the start of school.
Our staffing structure for 2019 is as follows:
Classroom Teachers
Prep A – Mitchell Dintinosante
Prep B – Rachael Higgs
Prep C – Jenny Farrelly
Prep D – Lucy Skipper – Teaching and Learning Level Leader
Junior 1A –Aili Adamson                                 
Junior 1B – Elise Van Ooi
Junior 1C – Kate L’Huillier (0.8) – Teaching and Learning Level Leader/Rachel Phillips (0.2)            
Junior 1D – Tom Norris
Junior 2A – Monique Rankin                          
Junior 2B – Trish Marmo
Junior 2C – Lori O’Neill – Teaching and Learning Level Leader                              
Junior 2D – Karah Hatzimihail
Junior 2E – Keera Glass
Middle 3A – Bianca Hrovat                                                           
Middle 3B – Melanie Vaughan – Teaching and Learning Level Leader
Middle 3C – Tracey Cole
Middle 3D – Daniel Jacobs
Middle 4A – Daniel Anderson
Middle 4B – Nerinda Hodgson – Teaching and Learning Level Leader
Middle 4C – Tegan Caldwell
Middle 4D – Amanda McDonald
Middle 4E – Jessica Head
Senior 5A – Amy Duckworth – Teaching and Learning Level Leader
Senior 5B – Lisa Symons 0.6/Rachel Phillips 0.4
Senior 5C – Laura Johnstone
Senior 6A – Emma Hooper – Teaching and Learning Level Leader
Senior 6B – Rosie Morton
Senior 6C – Andy Glembin
Senior 6D – Dale Weston
Specialists Teachers
Integration Coordinator and Timetable organiser – Kylie Tyzack
Library 0.6 – Clare Iob
Physical Education – Chris Cameron 0.6/Justin Shears 0.6
LOTE – French – Helen Giller/Tish Delaney 0.2
Art – Sally Cotterill/Shirley O’Neill 0.2
SAKG – Cathryn Hulme, Garden Specialist – Cathy Kingshott/Adam Nelson
Performing Arts – Jude Barry/Emily Kilkenny
Indigenous Studies – Tara DeBondi
ICT and support teacher – Jenny Hutchinson
Learning Support
Foundation – Merriel Hayes
Year 1 – Mandy Redfern
Year 2 – Marie Smythe – ES
Year 3 – Cath Rankin – ES
Year 4 – Michael Tindale – ES
Year 5 – to be appointed
Year 6 – Kate Little – ES
Education Support Staff
Integration aides
Marie Smyth        Nancy Nolev         Vicki Mules           Jay Reynolds         Jhye Burton         Michael Tindale               
Carol Browne       Mady Thomas      Kate Little             Chilli Mitchell       Jakk Walsh           Michelle Bardsley
Jay Reynolds
Business Manager – Paula Hogan
Admin Support – Kirstie Lay, Pam Watson and Amanda Ringin
ICT Manager – to be appointed
First Aid – Victoria Hall
Executive Leadership
Principal – Leanne Sheean
Assistant Principal – Merriel Hayes
Leading Teacher – Mandy Redfern
Learning Specialist – Monique Rankin
Goodbye Year 6
This week we will say goodbye and good luck to our 2018 Year 6 students who are leaving Montmorency South Primary School, many of whom have been here for seven years. We will have an opportunity on Wednesday night at the Graduation Ceremony to farewell these students and appropriately acknowledge their individual and collective contribution to our school. These students have represented the school so well during their time here. However, it is now time for them to enter the next exciting phase of their lives – secondary school and their emerging teenage years. 
To Hayley Blethyn,  Jake Boyne, Ethan Brearley, Xavier Brilliant, Reese Cameron, Eliza Crawford, Chloe Green, Oscar Hendry, Felix Kalla Mandengue, Tessa Kostiw, Finn Lewis, Dylan Mackay, Harry Mariani, Claire Miron, Phoebe Morgan, Cooper Noons, Tilly O’Neill, Cooper Rae, Isabella Sadowsky, Lara Zefkic, Matthew Bridgeman, Madeline Carter, Billy Cooper, Leah Fernandez, James Ferres, Ethan Flather, Mina Hopleythompson, Ashlee Ignatiadis, Phoenix Jewell, Zane Larsen, Nina Linnestad, Cadel McColl, Dylan Morter, Noah Pearsall, Alex. Ellie Robson, Alice Ryan, Jeremy Veldman, Lily Von Tunk, Hannah Walker, Maisie Walsh, Chris Zandegu, Max Bennett, Nina Boesenberg, Ashelen Boxall, Emily Brennan, Darcy Chapman, Charlie Chislett, Aaron Doyle, Hamish Francis, Abby Gruneklee, Ella Jones, Ben Kellow, Ben Knight, Jesse Revell, Savannah Risstrom, Charlie Roberts, Ava Rohweder, Oliver Scott, Isobel Soundy, Holly Swift, Anthony Vadala, Amelie Vulich, Olivia Walls-Moran and
Gus Wilkins

I would like to thank you for your contribution to Montmorency South Primary School. You have helped to make our school a special place.
Good luck as you move onto secondary school and beyond. Make sure you come back and visit us, as you will always be welcome. 
A large number of families will conclude their association with Montmorency South Primary School as their child graduates this year.  Our best wishes and thanks go to these families for their contribution, support and assistance over the years. 
Thank you to the Bennett, Blethyn,  Boxall, Boyne, Brearley, Bridgeman, Chapman, Chislett, Crawford, Doyle, Fernandez, Ferres, Flather, Francis, Green, Gruneklee, Ignatiadis, Jewell, Kalla Mandengue, Knight, McColl, Miron, Morgan, Morter, Noons, Rae, Roberts, Ryan,  Sadowsky, Scott, Soundy, Swift, Vadala, Wilkins, Zandegue, Zefkic families.   
We have some students leaving our school before Year 6 and I want to wish them well at their new schools. I hope you and your families will always cherish your fabulous memories at Montmorency South .
Goodbye and good luck to Lachlan and Ben Green, Tegan Barras, Kiehra Bebbington, Mersin Tusha, Jakob and Kaitlin Taylor, Sienna Kowalewski, Axel and Mieka Nair.
Staff Farewells
We also have a few staff who are leaving us next year. Tom Davis and Eliza Crellin are taking a year off to travel. Tom is taking up a position with the AEU for 6 months and then he will join Eliza’s on her travels to Europe. We wish them all the best for a great journey and look forward to hearing of their adventures when they return from overseas.
The following staff are leaving Monty South to take on new challenges. We wish them all the best and every success in their new endeavours.
·       Andrew Johnson has taken up a position at Doncaster Primary and we are sure he will enjoy getting to know a new school community where he will be able to spread his wellbeing messages.
·       Matt Atkins (our go to guy in IT) is going to work with the Salvation Army. He will be working alongside his wife, Es.
Here are some words from Matt:- ‘MSPS has been my work home for over 10 years now. It is with sadden heart to be moving on but I have loved the work, the community and friendships I’ve made. I’ve especially appreciated the support and love that was given to myself and Esther during the birth of our two boys which wasn’t a straight forward experience. My family is better off from the people at Montmorency South PS. Looking forward to watching the bright future of this place..’
·       Gail Lewis will be working closer to home when she starts working at Wallington Primary as an ES staff member.
Final assembly
The final school assembly on Thursday 20 December (the last day of term for students) will be at 9.15am. This will allow for Year 6 farewells, announcement of 2019 Captains and various other presentations. By having it first thing it allows the correct amount of time for the formalities, so we are not rushing later in the day. It also allows people to leave at the end of the day without being highly emotional. Please come and join us if you are able to make it at the earlier time. 
On the last day of the school year, Friday 21 December, the staff will be busy planning together in their teams for the 2019 school year.
December reports will go online on Thursday 20th December. Teachers spend a considerable amount of time writing student reports, ensuring the evidence of student work supports their judgement and provides a fair snapshot of student progress to this point. Thank you to the teaching staff who have spent much time making sure the reports and the portfolios are an accurate picture of your child’s learning throughout 2018.
Student leadership positions
Last Friday, we held our School Captain leadership speeches. Afterwards the current Year 5 and 6 students, along with staff, voted for their preferred candidates. The voting will be collated and used as part of the selection process – application, speech and voting.
Our candidates for all other leadership positions are being considered and selections will be made with teaching staff and current captains. It has been a very rewarding experience to witness the confidence of our current leadership team assisting in this process.
The successful candidates for the 2019 Student Leadership Team will be informed in the next few days and announced at the final assembly on Thursday 20 December, at 9.15am.

Professional Practice Days
In line with the 2017 Victorian Government Schools Agreement, all teaching staff are entitled to a Professional Practise Day (PPD) each term to focus on improving their delivery of high-quality teaching.
The PPDs provide valuable time and space for the teaching teams to work together to build their strengths and share their learnings with members of their teaching teams and more widely across the school.
During this time, there are a number of replacement teachers on site, allowing each teacher to have their day of professional learning. While this can be challenging, with the class teachers being on site it means they are able to discuss plans for the day in the morning and touch base with the CRT throughout the day to check on the students’ progress and be aware of anything that requires follow up.
The high expectations of student learning and positive behaviour, aligned with the values of the school, do not change regardless of who is looking after a class. Teachers are reinforcing this message and your support with this is appreciated.  

Lost property
The lost property cupboard is overflowing with hoodies, jackets, hats, lunchboxes, water bottles, scooters, Garmins and lots of other items. If your child is missing something please check the cupboard before school finishes on Thursday 20 December as the cupboard will be cleaned out on Friday 21 December. Items of clothing will be donated to charity and non-clothing items will be discarded. 

Xmas Concert/Carols
Thank you to the families who came along to hear the carols without the candlelight last Wednesday. The children had a ball and didn’t notice the heat at all. Many thanks to our Performing Arts teachers, Jude Barry, Emily Kilkenny and Ash Noble who did another amazing job. Also thanks to Steve Grandage for organising the sound and to Georgia Tracy for yet another stellar effort with the program.
Parent payments
Learning and teaching programs vary across schools based on local needs and circumstances and reflect each school’s priorities, decisions and resources. This, in turn, informs the parent payment charges approved by school councils that may vary from one school to the next. 
Last month our School Council approved the Parent Payment charges for 2019 . These charges are set to ensure parent payment practices are consistent, transparent and provide all students with access to the curriculum. School Council is responsible for developing and approving school-level parent payment charges and can request payments from parents under three categories: Essential Student Learning Items, Optional Items and Voluntary Financial Contributions. Parent contribution, in all forms, assists schools to provide an enriched learning and teaching program for every student and is highly valued by school communities.
We thank our families in advance for their financial support, which enables us to continue to ‘add value’ to the students of MSPS.
VIP Remi
It seems Remi Vulich in Year 1 has enjoyed a few special occasions of late, making him the envy of quite a few of us.
Firstly, he got to ride in snazzy sports car then he enjoyed a coffee with Dusty Martin. He even joined training at Richmond and was seen walking with his mate, coach Damien Hardwick, before getting his photo taken with the whole team.
He came back from training to show me the ball from the premiership game and a pair of Josh Caddy’s boots signed by Josh and Dusty. We are glad you are getting to live the high life, Remi! 

Building update
The builders are working hard to put all of the roof on before the Christmas and New Year break. Whilst the building won’t be at lockup stage, a fair bit has been achieved despite the torrential rain in the last few weeks. 
There was an accident on the building site two weeks ago.  A sub-contractor was taken by ambulance to hospital after venturing in an area that had been cordoned off in the under croft area.  A wooden beam that was dropped from above hit him on the head. Luckily he was wearing his hard hat and was released from hospital the same day and returned to work.
MSPS achievers
Thumbs up to the following achievers from our Monty South community.
Nina Linnestadd for her second place in the Australian Children’s Music Foundation
2018 National Song Competition for her original composition ‘That Song You Gave Me’ in the Year 5/6 category.  Here is a link to all the winners and songs: and you will hear Nina sing and play the piano.
Nina won $600 for second prize to put towards musical instruments or music tuition.
Nina loves song writing and has spent a lot of this year writing and developing her musical skills. 
Awesome effort Nina and I look forward to hearing your name in years to come as a songwriter on Triple R!
Thumbs up to Ashley White for gaining his yellow belt in his recent grading at Yarra Judo Club. Wonderful effort Ashley.

Sensational effort by Eliza Millet at the National Titles for the Australian All-Star Cheer and Dance Federation in Under 13 Novice division.  As part of her club, The Edge Performer’s School, she won 1st for Pom, 2nd for Hip Hop, 2nd for Jazz and 2nd for Lyrical.  Outstanding results Eliza.
Another huge effort on behalf of the Junior School Council.  They recently raises $903.30 for the farmers. The children made this creation of Australia using the money. The JSC also raised $286.40 for Remembrance Day by selling poppies. Thumbs up for the 2018 JSC.
Just a reminder that school resumes for students from Year 1-6 on Thursday 31 January, 2019.
The Prep students will return on Friday 1 February. Our first school assembly will be on the following Wednesday, February 6 at 2.45pm.

Leanne Sheean
‘Montmorency South is an inclusive learning community where students are inspired to be respectful, creative, curious and independent learners.’
Our Belief:
We believe that every person in our Montmorency South school community has the capacity to assist each student in attaining our vision.
Together we learn, lead and achieve


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