Covid-19 Update No 5.

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Dear parents and carers
I have just received further information from the Department of Education and Training regarding the announcement made yesterday by the Premier, with the support of the Chief Health Officer.   I can confirm that Victoria has forwarded the school holidays commencing from tomorrow, Tuesday 24 March.
So the arrangements for the rest of this week and the first week of Term 2 are as follows:
Tuesday 24 – Friday 27 March
Principals and school leadership teams will be in attendance on site at school.
Care and supervision program
For the rest of this week, we will provide care and supervision programs for primary school students who are the children (or under the care) of essential services workers and who need to send their children to school. We also have a number of other children whom we have exemptions for and they will also be catered for at school. 
Examples of essential services may include health, police, corrections and emergency services workers.
Camp Australia has informed me that they will be providing an Out of School Hours Care (OSHC)  program this week at Monty South and will also be offering a holiday program for the above children,  if parents wish to access it.
Staff attendance
Principals of primary schools have been asked to work with our staff so that approximately 30 per cent of the staff, including relevant support staff, to be in attendance this week. We will arrange for a roster.  

DET have defined adequate supervision as follows, based on social distancing measures:

  • Maximum number of 10 children in a room.
  • A minimum ratio of 1:8 to ensure staff are available to assist their colleagues with breaks, relief and other support where required. This staffing ratio can include the use of relevant support staff.

The rest of the staff not participating in the care and supervision program, will be working from home under instruction to prepare for the transition to flexible and remote learning, including preparing for the continuation of support for students’ wellbeing.
Start Term 2
Staff return: Tuesday 14 April, pupil free day
Students return: Wednesday 15 April
The Victorian Chief Health Officer (CHO) will advise on whether the transition to flexible and remote learning and support should commence on the first student day of Term 2 (Wednesday 15 April) closer to that date.

We ask that if possible, parents come and pick up their children's First Aid supplies and any personal belongings that are needed, from school.  We will be sending out further information tomorrow regarding our online learning and  what it will look like for each year level. 

To our community,  we want to express our sincere thanks.  You have made us feel so highly valued and we cannot thank you enough. 

Kind Regards
Leanne Sheean


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