Holiday Club at MSPS

Following the announcement of the Government’s Child Care Package, Holiday Club at Montmorency South Primary School will re-open tomorrow, ‪Monday, 6‬ ‪April‬.

Care is available for all children of essential service workers. Camp Australia are taking a careful and considered approach to their service delivery to ensure the safety of children and staff with the following measures:

No excursions this autumn

They will be replaced with other activities for the day within the service environment.

Incursion providers

Incursion provider will be required to sign a form that ensures their staff meet the requirements of the department of health for self-isolation, hygiene and social distancing.

Hygiene practices

Camp Australia already operates with strict cleanliness and hygiene policies; however they’ve reinforced and updated these as part of their cautious approach to COVID-19.
• Handwashing policies have been communicated with educators, reiterating government advice. This information is also being passed along to all children in care.
• Surface sanitiser is being used to sanitise all benches, resources and other high-use areas before, during and after the service.
• The service tablet is now strictly being used by only one educator, who will sign children in and out, upon authorising the parent/guardian.
• If a child or educator begins to show any symptoms of a cold/the flu, strict action will be taken to isolate.

Social distancing

To help significantly reduce the spread of COVID-19, social distancing practices are being put in place. This is aimed at reducing the extent of close contact we have with one another. Although this is a challenging concept in childcare, they are committed to do their part in adapting to professional advice, as it emerges.
• Large groups will be broken up into smaller groups, where possible, with one educator per group to minimise potential contact.
• Children will not be queuing up in long close-contact lines, and all sign-ins will be delivered quickly and efficiently.
• Any food will be served with tongs by the educators, to avoid multiple people handling them.
• Where possible, we will spread the groups between our different licensed spaces to provide the children more space.
• Programs will avoid any contact games, such as football, chasey, etc.
• Incursions will be split up and run in groups to avoid large groups in a singular space.

Whilst their primary concern is the safety of all children, they understand it is a term break and want to provide children with some fun to keep them happy, busy and engaged.

Enquiries: 0405 440 678

Out of School Hours Care (OSHC)

MSPS offers a before and after school care program each day. The program is run by Camp Australia.

A weekly program of activities is on display in the OSHC area.

Before school care hours are 7am – 8:45am, with breakfast provided.
After school care hours are 3:30pm – 6pm, with a snack provided.

On pupil-free days, all day care will be provided if there is sufficient need.

On the last day of term, OSHC is available from 2:30pm when the school day finishes.

We offer holiday care on the school holidays aside from the end of the year until early January. Sessions are from 7:00am – 6:00pm. Breakfast and a fruit snack is included, lunch will need to be provided by parents.

It is necessary to register your child before using the OSHC program. Some families may be eligible for childcare
assistance and families will need to contact the Family Assistance Office prior to registering with the Camp Australia program.
More information can be found at Camp Australia