​​Newsletter Number 9 – Term 2 Week 10 2020

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From the Principal’s Desk
 Together we learn, lead and achieve.  

Dear Monty South Community,     
It has been fantastic to have all our students back on deck and on site. The return of the Year 3 to Year 6 students was very welcomed and judging by their smiles, they were just as happy. The weather was perfect last week to have them back with brilliant sunshine every afternoon which just made everyone’s moods so much better.

My highlights have definitely been seeing the students stream through the school of a morning, smiling and excited about seeing their friends and teachers. Also hearing the sounds of play, fun and laughter between friends during lunch and recess and walking through classrooms, seeing how settled and engaged everyone is in their learning. 

I have had many lovely chats with the students about being back. Some have found it a challenge after so many weeks away and expressed some worries, along with their excitement. This is a normal reaction and we have reassured all students that we are here to support them and help them work through their worries. At each year level, staff have worked on making sure there are fun and celebratory activities upon returning to school. Classes at the start of this week have remained settled and I think everyone is now adjusting to the new routine. We strongly encourage parents to contact us if there are any other issues or concerns.

Remote learning reflections
During the past couple of weeks we have been reflecting on many aspects of remote learning. The teachers have been engaging in some great evaluations regarding aspects that worked extremely well for our students, namely focusing on our key learnings as a whole staff. Our priority during the whole remote learning phase was to try our best to keep the whole school motivated and engaged. Some of the feedback suggests that the good aspects involved:

  • Keeping the lesson focus explanations short, sharp and to the point.
  • Providing timely feedback on student work.
  • Giving students more time to practice the skills or strategies they are learning.
  • Using Seesaw video recordings for students, especially for those moments when students required additional explanations.
  • And most importantly – continuing to prioritise engagement, motivation and wellbeing!

Return to school facts
Unfortunately due to the large size of our choir group, choir will not be running for the remainder of this term.

Vocal Ensemble rehearsals:
Rehearsals are continuing on a Tuesday from 3.30pm – 4.20pm.

Canteen is available Monday, Wednesday & Fridays. Orders can be placed online: http://www.mymumandi.com.au/order/

School uniforms can be ordered online and delivered directly to school https://www.rhsports.com.au/product/school_wear/montmorency_south_ps
We are currently awaiting further advice regarding any upcoming second hand uniform sales.

Arriving late / picking up early / leaving for a short appointment and then returning:
This is no problem at all. Please phone the office ahead of time and we will call the classroom and have your child ready at the office for collection. You will also need to sign your child in and out of the school via Compass.
This can be done using Compass:
Via the app:
The first option on the home page is ‘Add attendance note’
Via a browser:
To the left of your child’s photo (or Silhouette if your child has not had a photo taken as yet) select the option ‘Add attendance note’

  • Select the reason from the drop down box and the time during the day that your child will be away from school and press ‘save’.

Upon arrival during the school day, please bring your child to the office and we can take them to class for you.

Not coming to school for any reason?
Please remember to add this information directly into compass. This is done in the same way listed above, and you select the time to cover the entire day.
This information feeds directly to the teacher as they mark the roll for the day and it also prevents those pesky ‘unexplained absence’ notifications from being sent home.

Our doors might be locked but we are still here to help you!
If you need to visit the office, please do not be deterred by the locked door.  Please knock on the office window and we are more than happy to assist you… it’s a little bit like drive thru but we won’t ask if you require fries with your order 🙂
Sadly, we were contacted by two of our neighbours from two entirely different directions last week, regarding some selfish behaviour in our community. 

Firstly, it was regarding parking in the driveways of neighbouring houses. Apart from being against the law, it is very selfish and inconveniences the people who live there. They have to wait for you to pick up your child before they can go out.

What was even more surprising was that there was available and legal parking in the street at the time. The car was also seen reversing into a dangerous intersection where a lot of students cross the road.

The resident has contacted Banyule Council about the matter.

Another neighbour has complained about students walking home, coming into her garden area and climbing rocks in her garden and stepping on delicate flowers and plants in the process. Please be mindful of our residents and their rights when you are coming and going from school.
School Council news:
School Council met last week and the following items were discussed:

  1. Welcoming of new Coopted member, Danielle Lee.
  2. Finance reports for the month of May from Finance subcommittee.
  3. Postponement of Year 4 and Year 6 camps to Term 4.
  4. Continuation of the discussion regarding playground and landscaping. Playground quotes from $100,000 to $140,000 for the designs chosen by the students. Need to investigate other companies and designs. Agreement to prioritise Year 6 area-something special for them in their final year which has been thwarted with Covid-19 and resultant changes. Will involve seating, murals and outdoor table tennis area. There for future Year 6 cohorts.
  5. Quotes for old shade sails to be re-erected if possible.
  6. Soundproofing needed for SAKG kitchen area as room echoes sound and noise is above desirable levels.
  7. Recent vandalism and need for security cameras around school. Need to investigate costs as school will need to purchase them.
  8. Reports from Education and Environment Subcommittee and Principal report
  9. Bullying prevention policy.

Next meeting Tuesday 14 July

Congratulations to Louis CORNELISZ from Prep C (Sharon Moore) who became a big brother on the weekend. He is very excited and we wish him, Sarah and Anthony, our very best wishes for them as they start the new journey with their newest family member.  
I have attached a letter written by the Department of Education and Training Secretary to our community
Warmest regards,

Lost property
A photo has been attached of some lost property that has been here for some time now.  If you recognise any items, please be sure to collect them prior to the end of this term.

New ELC Opening
Niño Early Learning Adventures Montmorency will be opening in July 2020! Located on Para Road, Niño ELA’s emergent learning and positive education framework aims to empower the whole child by creating meaningful learning experiences that promote overall wellbeing. Enquire today: ninoela.com.au/montmorency-child-care/

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